Business Roundtable Video featuring Will Samson, PhD

Is the purpose of a company to enrich shareholders by maximizing profit? Or must a business also enrich the lives of its customers, employees and communities it serves? Both! America’s CEOs and The Business Roundtable now states that America’s corporations are responsible for improving society by serving all stakeholders ethically, morally and fairly. It’s a departure from the business theory that states that society benefits most from companies that grow their profit and serve one master: shareholders.

Business Roundtable is an organization formed by the CEOs of America’s largest and most influential companies, companies like Amazon and Apple, Lockheed Martin and Home Depot. The companies that create American jobs and grow the American economy. And these CEOs came together to make a bold statement – we need to rethink the American corporation. Yes, American companies are profitable, and yes, the American economy is still leading the world. But it’s also true that, and I’m quoting from the Business Roundtable statement now, that “Americans deserve an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity and to lead a life of meaning and dignity.”

Leading a life of dignity and meaning is at the heart of the Inzet to Purpose process. We guide men and women on a journey through their stories and experiences to discover the way in which they were uniquely designed for a purpose. As the program has successfully shaped the lives of individuals taking the Inzet class, we realized this process could also help teams, organizations and companies which are, after all, individuals working to achieve great things together. American CEOs understand that traditional market KPIs like profitability, employee retention, and customer satisfaction are more achievable when companies and employees have values that align. Inzet helps organization create that alignment.

Inzet’s team growth process flowed naturally out of our work with individuals. Our personal coaching platform has transformed the lives of CEOs, CxOs and other corporate leaders, and, as they completed the course, they naturally wanted to know – how do I bring this to my team? And so we began working with companies, bringing the same three stage process that has so successfully transformed individuals to the work of growing healthy, productive and profitable teams.