The Inzet process involves three phases:

  1. Looking back at our stories
  2. Reframing our narrative
  3. Moving forward, purposely, in a new direction

This model has been incredibly successful in coaching individuals to greater heights. And what we now find is that this same platform, our Inzet Business Growth platform, is also proving incredibly valuable to corporations and teams.

In this interview between Jan Zachariasse, Inzet Founder and CEO, and Will Samson, Inzet’s new Vice President, the two cover important questions about change management and its relationship to the Inzet process. Here are some of the highlights.

  • The Inzet Business Growth platform provides a holistic approach to corporate and organizational change. This model is not something often employed in large organizations, even when they are going through large changes.
  • Understanding a company’s purpose should play a significant role when that organization is going through a major transition.
  • The current change management field is dominated by consulting, and some of the better change efforts include coaching. The Inzet model brings in an important third element, which is the counsel piece. Those three practices – coach, counsel and consult – together create the uniqueness of the Inzet platform.
  • Questions about purpose and culture are critical for today’s corporations, but they are often seen as soft skills and overlooked. Companies like things that are measurable, like time, scope and money. What we know from the research is that a fourth constraint, the people side, is what differentiates the great companies from the average ones. The ability to bring about a change in attitude in a corporation is not a soft skill, it’s the hardest thing of all.
  • The Inzet process is highly scalable, so an organization can have 15, 1,500 or 15,000 employees, and the same three phases can guide them forward.