Change is more than necessary. In today’s market, change is survival. But, if you are only focusing on how to change, you will probably not be successful. In order to successfully transition your organization, you need to know why you want to change.

This is where the Inzet process is so valuable. We help companies unpack their stories, reframe their narrative around their work and their life, and then move forward in a direction they have not been before. This is a process that has successfully coached both individuals and companies through major transitions. But in order to go through that process, those people or organizations have to recognize they can’t move forward from where they are. I call that recognition the heart of change. It’s the knowledge that change is necessary, and the belief that change is possible. And that change involves understanding your core motivations, your purpose. For companies, the question is this: The most successful and profitable companies tend to be those that exist for more than just the financial bottom line. They have a culture that is built around a common sense of purpose.

Moving a company toward operating out of a sense of purpose takes a different skill set than what is usually found in the corporate world. Coaches and consultants can guide companies through the how questions – how to bring about an enterprise-wide change in software, how do we implement new business processes, or how do we integrate a new management structure.  But in order to successfully change, you have to know why. And that’s where the Inzet process is so valuable.

It’s always been true that change is the one thing a company can count on. But being agile and adaptable, that is more than just a nice thing to have – in today’s competitive market, change is survival. And change can flourish in an organization when everyone is acting out of a common sense of purpose. Here at Inzet, we would love to help your organization with a change plan built around the sense of purpose.