Uncharted Waters

During times of crisis, we need to think more about PEOPLE and less about TIME, SCOPE and MONEY!

One of the core principles for our Inzet Business Growth platform is that it is all about relationships. In this time of great crisis, one of the biggest risks to teams is the disintegration of those relationships. And with everyone scrambling around to understand how to maintain them – what conferencing platform do we use, can people telecommute, how do we manage remote workers – we at Inzet recognize that this is also an ideal time to focus on questions of why. Why does your company exist? In this time of turmoil many recognize their companies exist for more than just financial profit. What motivates your team to show up and produce great work? Ideally, your team members are in it for more than a paycheck. This is where having a core sense of purpose, a clear answer to the “why” questions, are is significant.

At Inzet we help you and your organization understand your purpose. We do this because in times of crisis like we’re going through right now, you need a compass point. A roadmap. And that roadmap comes from understanding why you are here, why your organization exists and what motivates your employees to do great work despite massive disruptions.

We help you and your team understand your why. To truly understand what higher purpose animates, satisfies and sustains you and your organization. Often this kind of question is dismissed as unrelated to your bottom line. And that might be particularly tempting to think in times like this, when we are in the midst of a global crisis. But what you and your organization need now more than ever is change agility, the skills required to steer your way through uncharted waters. And that ability to successfully navigate change comes from a strong sense of purpose that gives you the freedom and focus to make clear decisions.

In normal times, companies tend to focus on the three things they know how to measure: time, scope and money. At Inzet, we help organizations think about that fourth critical element: people. And right now, businesses and organizations are learning that people, and their ability to confront change in an agile way, are among the most valuable resources they have. Having your whole organization understand the corporate purpose is absolutely critical to change agility.

Through the Inzet process, we help businesses and organizations look at their past actions, reframe the narrative, and then move forward to a place they have not been before. Our current crisis is definitely a place you and your organization have not been before. Let us help you develop the kind of change agile organization that can steer you through uncharted waters.