The circumstances that we are being forced to live under are making us reconsider and re-examine the ways we have worked, lived, and socialized in so-called normal times. At Inzet, we want to come along side you and help during this time of rapid change. Now that we’re working remotely to limit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, telecommuting is a necessity for most organizations.

Is telecommuting going to be a positive or negative experience for YOUR team?

Many will love it and some will not…It’s up to you to make it an efficient and enjoyable experience!

Here are the three actions that can help make telecommuting a productive experience as your team works remotely:

Create a Collaborative Culture Using Videoconferencing Tools

Simultaneous collaboration brings the right people together at one time to get more work done faster and smarter. Videoconferencing platforms unify work efforts across locations, departments, and with third parties.

The Inzet team is now using ZOOM as a videoconferencing platform to do both business coaching and consulting and 1-on-1 coaching for personal growth! Increase understanding of tools like ZOOM will support a more effective decision-making process, as things continue to change in our chaotic world. Among many other benefits, simultaneous collaboration brings together knowledge and data from multiple disciplines and sources, encourages a global perspective of team challenges and a more holistic awareness of their solutions.

Have Group Meetings and Encourage Real-World Relationships

Checking in with your team members more regularly is now more critical than ever. If you had less organization in the past, now is the time to reevaluate ALL structure and communication. Telecommuters NEED and WANT to stay connected. Also, consider connecting with your co-workers outside of your job for a virtual coffee to catch up on items not related to work.

Define Working Hours

There are definitely negatives to telecommuting; The most challenging being defining NORMAL work hours. Our 24/7 access to technology and each other is a double-edged sword, but I hope that this current global challenge will lead to a greater appreciation of a healthier work/life balance. Leaders need to create and respect expectations around work hours and give employees the ability to disconnect. With the easy ability to reach anyone anywhere, at any time, also comes the great responsibility not to.

Today, we are experiencing a NEW normal and the Inzet Team is here to help bridge the gap to a new tomorrow. Now, more that ever, CHANGE MEANS SURVIVAL and with the Inzet 3-Phase Platform, we can help you use PURPOSE to evoke personal or corporate change!

Why not take this opportunity to grow?