The Inzet Team. Jan, Will & John

Here at Inzet, we are facing the same challenges that everyone else is facing during this time of uncertainty and unrest. As a leadership team, Jan, John and I have had to learn to work differently with each other, as we all work remotely. Jan is in Florida at his beach house on Longboat Key, John is sequestered in his house in Leesburg, and I’m at home in Ashburn, finding new a creative ways to be productive while working from home!

Initially, our ZOOM calls were lasting hours, as each of our team members had so much pent up desire to connect with each other. We instituted the practice called, “ROSE, THORN, BUD” methodology. This quick method of check-in allows each of us to summarize what is going on in our lives. “ROSE” allows us to touch on what is exciting in our lives. “THORN” allows us to touch on the challenges we are facing and “BUD” allows us talk about what we are excited about. This methodology has allowed us to keep our time focused and also encourage each other to look at the positive practices that are arising from our current pandemic.

Jan is seeing how our commitment to “building strong relationships” is more important now than ever! This has always been a foundational pillar to the Inzet program and team and as we find ourselves isolated, we are also seeing the huge value to being intentional about focusing on relationships.

John has been challenged to “turn off” while working at home. It’s so easy to lose the discipline of working regular business hours as your work station may simply be in the next room. It takes more discipline to focus on family relationships (as stated above) than it does to work constantly, because we NEVER really leave the office!

I’m learning to limit inputs and distractions and keep focused on the goals in front of me. We have decided to make this time a positive one for Inzet by revamping our programs and curriculum. That said, I’ve needed a deeper discipline to focus on creating an online version of the Inzet program that will be unveiled in the next 60-days!

Ultimately, everyone is trying to figure out how to live life in this new normal. What we hope for you is that you can use this time of uncertainty to rebuild your life in balance, with strong relationships. At Inzet, we want to live life FOR PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE, ON PURPOSE!