At Inzet we do three things: Coach. Counsel. Consult. And we work with both individual leaders and management teams. And so, not surprisingly, our clients are looking to us during these crazy times to help them navigate this great uncertainty. They want guidance for how to manage their businesses and organizations when the future is beyond unpredictable. They need wisdom to help them make economic and organizational decisions when we have no script for what comes next. I don’t think that anyone knows what to expect in six months, a year or three years from now.

But, beyond their businesses and organizations, our clients are also struggling with how to make decisions on a personal level. I was going through some of these issues myself, frankly, over the last week. I was facing some potential health concerns, and like others, I wasn’t sure if I should get tested for COVID-19 … or just tough it out! With a virus that is unpredictable, how do you decide? It’s times like these that we tend to rely on the scripts we’ve been handed in life. I was given a script that said to just grin and bear it. Don’t be ridiculous … you’re fine. But I didn’t feel fine, and (the old story ruled over the new reality of the action I needed to take).

Jan and I were talking about this as I struggled with what to do and he asked me the obvious question – what would you tell your clients? The answer was easy. If I was talking to a client and they told me they weren’t feeling well, I would say: go to the doctor. Find the answers. Get on it. And yet … I had this script that I was playing out in my head which said, don’t be ridiculous, a script that kept me from going to the doctor. I was so glad that Jan asked me that question.

One of the ways we work with our clients is to help them find meaning in their own narratives. We help guide our clients away from staying stuck in their old stories by guiding them through a discovery of those narratives and toward new meanings that can be found in them, because embedded in their stories is a sense of purpose that helps them discover different answers and new possibilities. In other words, this process helps them to get unstuck. (Pause)

We would love to help you and your business clear out the hurdles and gain an understanding of your purpose, an understanding that will align your profits with your design.