What will business look like AFTER Covid-19?

The trauma caused by COVID-19 and the upheaval of our current culture is something we ALL need to face! Corporations AND individuals can use these challenging times to look deep inside themselves in order to make needed change. On the other hand, those who refuse to acknowledge the need for change will stumble into the “new tomorrow!”

This is an opportune time to do the work revolving around the emotional intelligence that we discussed in our last vlog. It’s time to create a space for leaders and teams to unpack their pain, so the “new tomorrow” will truly be better than the “old yesterday!”

If we change the narrative of our old stories and better understand who we are and what is required of us (emotionally) to move forward, we will be able to look back at COVID-19 as a blessing and not a curse. Dealing with the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence will result in a reboot of the “hard skills” it takes to run a smooth operation.

“Leadership is an achievement of trust.”

Peter Drucker