How to Ask Better Questions with Mike Vaughan

The Inzet “coach, counsel and consult” model was birthed out of a coaching practice, and we now work with leaders to use the same coaching techniques with their teams! We coach leaders to COACH! The Inzet team is helping shift leadership models from owning knowledge to promoting a culture of curiosity, by asking more questions of team members.

We find that many of the leaders we work with have an expectation that they need to be perfect and always make the right decisions. That’s why, in many organizations, being right equals having authority, and is often rewarded, and therefore, questions are not allowed. The lack of a challenging mentality is an expensive mistake to make — companies end up solving the wrong problem.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

We challenge leaders NOT to solve everyone’s problems — people have the ability and responsibility to find their own solutions. Instead, we encourage leaders to ask questions and hold back impulses; resist the temptation for (any) quick answer.

Leading with questions works because when we are challenged by a question that triggers an insight, neurons connect in new ways. This releases neurotransmitters that create the motivation to act. The net result is that the other person not only likes the idea, they want to do something with it. On a very practical level, leading with questions works because it generates a conversation where multiple voices are heard and diverse perspectives are represented in the final outcome. A curious leader builds trust, inspires connection and develops deep engagement with their teams.

At Inzet OUR purpose is YOUR purpose and we evoke leadership that is purpose-driven, agile and curious; encouraging leaders to ask better questions, unearthing better answers, while building a better working world.