At Inzet, It’s ALL About Relationships…so…

It’s ALL About Community

Community is important. We have much to learn and a lot of growing to do, and what better way than to learn from each other who are connected to the Inzet community?  Without community, we get isolated and stop growing.  People thrive, when you have a support group, a community of people that you can connect with.

Through Inzet, there are many ways to get involved, such as:

  • Monthly Open Houses
    • On the First Friday of each month from 3PM-6PM, we open our office, and have an informal time to visit with old friends and meet new acquaintances who need to get “unstuck” and moving ahead in purpose.
  • Monthly Lunch ’n  Learn’s
    • We host monthly lunches at our office to meet with individuals and groups that want to learn more about the Inzet programs.
  • New Program Semesters
    • We start new program semesters 3-times a year.
  • Post-Program Accountability Groups
    • After each semester, we offer to have the group stay together and meet both monthly (together) and 1-on-1 with their facilitator.
  • Masters Program
    • During each of our 3-yearly semesters, we offer a Master’s Class for participants who’ve already attended a program and want to be certified to facilitate future programs.
  • Quarterly Workshops
    • We host quarterly workshops covering segments of our programs and new material, as well as sponsoring outside speakers that can inspire the Inzet Community to thrive.
  • Annual Conference
    • The Inzet Annual Conference is the premier forum to connect with peers who are part of the Inzet Community, as well as others who want to be involved with a purposeful movement, while sharing similar life and business challenges. The Inzet Annual Conference is a day to spend with like-minded professionals and discover new strategies that will advance you personally and corporately.