Our “why”

INZET’s “why” is giving you new power to take a new direction

Coach. Counsel. Consult.  Individually, these three approaches unlock different aspects of what’s holding you back and what it takes to move forward. By combing all three, the INZET process guides you through a deeper dive into what’s going on and  a clearer vision of what’s possible moving forward. What’s especially valuable is that you can do more than just see your new direction. You use purpose-driven decisionmaking to take that path. And that’s because we help you develop and harness your “inzet.”

Inzet: A Dutch word that means all in, totally committed. Inzet is the drive it takes to discover your true purpose. It’s the drive to live that purpose, too —making choices and decisions that fully engage your mind and your heart. Propelled by inzet, it’s possible to make more meaningful progress … more quickly.

INZET began where you are now

Jan Zachariasse was stuck. He had been involved with some of the world’s largest organizations, built his own successful businesses and founded a well respected executive coaching practice. But something was missing. And just as he found himself challenged to “row out to deeper waters” with his coaching, the Dutch-born Zachariasse thought of inzet.

The word  crystalized what he’d been looking for: a strategy to help coaching clients discover — and use — their purpose as a pathway to making more strategic decisions personally and professionally.

As Zachariasse was rowing out to “those deeper waters” with his coaching practice, John Mizerak was being challenged to do the same with his consulting practice, seeking to create even more business value from cultural and operational improvements by aligning them with the organization’s purpose —and passion.

The coach and the consultant joined forces to create INZET — and give clients power to change everything.

Image of Jan and John from Inzet

A company built
on inzet

Zachariasse and Mizerak spent months building the coach, counsel and consult model they’d use to achieve lasting benefits—most quickly—for clients.  They rolled out the model with business executives and entrepreneurs, leaders of nonprofits and church organizations and individuals seeking a new, more meaningful direction in their relationships, careers and lives. Every client loved the experience. Every client was awed at the power of their purpose-driven decision making.

Leading the Way

INZET to Purpose programs lead the way to business and personal growth

Before starting an INZET to Purpose program, you will know the process, the timeline and the results you can expect. The programs are efficient and move quickly, and the INZET team integrates the coach, counsel, consult model at every phase to help you realize holistic progress as you set off in a meaningful new direction.

Inzet Partners

The INZET Partners

Image of Jan from Inzet in Leesburg VA

Jan Zachariasse

Founder / President

Drawing on a diverse background and challenging personal journey, Jan Zachariasse adds a deeper dimension to his coaching. He draws on over 40 years with Marriott Corporation, Nike International and his own real estate development firm. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program. And he is deeply committed to using all his expertise—and all his personal discoveries—to give clients the power to build balanced and purposeful lives and organizations.

Image of John Mizerak from Inzet

John Mizerak

Co-founder / Vice President

John Mizerak brings over 25-years’ experience as the owner of a successful printing business he transformed into a full-service marketing firm. Seeing his ability to plan, execute and strengthen both operations and culture, clients sought John’s guidance as a consultant. John now specializes in helping clients manage, retool operations and navigate change. Adding his expertise to Inzet’s purpose-driven decision making platform, John helps clients focus on the right programs and strategies to bridge the gap between vision and successful execution.

Will Samson, PhD

Vice President

Will Samson employs more than 30 years of experience in the corporate, academic and political spheres to guide clients through significant changes and cultural realignments. His work as an organizational change professional is strengthened by an academic background that includes an MS in information systems from George Washington University and a PhD in sociology from The University of Kentucky. This unique blend of management and people knowledge has allowed him to successfully guide clients through multi-billion-dollar mergers and major organizational change initiatives. Will brings his experience to the Inzet Team Growth program to help clients build purpose-driven strategies and thrive.