Are your people sitting in the right seats?

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Do you have the right people? Are you ready to grow? Will your company matter?

Do you have the right people? Are you ready to grow? Will your company matter?

Do you have the right people?

  • Strategic diversity
  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Building teams with balance and transparency

Are you ready to grow?

  • Market leadership
  • Organizational change
  • Culture change

Will your company matter?

  • Corporate purpose
  • Social impact
  • Weave your values into your company story
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Your pathway to purpose starts with three simple steps:

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Begin The Journey

Together, we will rediscover your unique purpose & meaning.

How do we do this?

We combine unparalleled expertise and corporate experience, with scientific tools and assessments, to create a strategic map of your employees.

Our successful personal growth program, built on a proprietary three-phase framework, is now helping teams within companies. These programs will help employees find their purpose to provide diversity in perspective, rapid strategic growth, sensitivity and unconscious bias, employee retention and satisfaction, and ultimately growth toward greater profits. We are ready to guide you toward rapid strategic growth that will provide both profits and purpose to your organization.


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You're not alone. Many individuals and companies have chosen a better direction for their life.

Through the INZET to Purpose program, I’ve recognized the source of old habits that haven’t been very helpful in growing our nonprofit. I have much greater clarity of my vision and am using purpose-driven decision making to manage my organization and achieve that vision.

Brett Lesher, Non-Profit Executive

Image of Brett and Yan reviewing purpose and planning at Inzet

Through INZET to Purpose: Business Growth, I came to understand what had been holding me back in growing my business. I am no longer getting in my own way. Using purpose-driven decisionmaking, I am finally moving myself—and my company—in a much more meaningful direction.

Dave Paul, Business Owner

Image of team meeting completing consulting wish list at Inzet

Our promise to you

  • We will give you something of unique value
  • We listen…you lead
  • We are here to guide you on this journey as long as you need it
  • All conversations will be kept confidential
  • We value relationships
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