INZET to Purpose

Personal Growth

A 12-session program helps groups, couples and individuals discover—and live—their true purpose.

INZET focuses on helping you ignite your personal growth

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INZET to Purpose: Personal Growth changed the way I feel, think, behave and relate … at home and at work.”

Brody Barrett

Who this program is for

  • Anyone feeling they could be living a more satisfying, meaningful life
  • Versions of INZET to Purpose: Personal Growth are available for individuals, couples and groups.

What the program can help you with

  • Getting unstuck and moving forward
  • Dealing with challenges and new chapters in life
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Defining your higher purpose to live a more meaningful, satisfying life

How long the program takes

The INZET to Purpose: Personal Growth program covers three phases, broken into 12 sessions.

How the program works

The program can be delivered one-on-one, for a couple or for a group. Each of the 12 sessions builds on what is discovered, discussed and explored in the previous session, readying you to recognize your decision point and use purpose-driven decision making to move ahead in a satisfying new direction.

INZET to Growth is built on three pillars of personal development where we COACH, COUNSEL and CONSULT with you during each of these three steps:

How did I get stuck?


We work with you through a disciplined examination of your life up to now: We provide perspective and counsel on what’s been working well for you and habits, behaviors and beliefs that may have kept you stuck. We help you explore ways to address them so you can break free — not just to recognize your purpose, but to live it.

What’s my purpose, really?


With new clarity around what makes life meaningful and satisfying, you arrive at your decision point. We help you tap into your inzet, the passionate heart-and-mind drive to define your purpose, reframe old patterns and align your decisions with your purpose.

What’s my path forward?


We coach you on a plan for using purpose-driven decision making to move forward. We counsel you on mapping out a plan to continue your personal growth. As you set out on your growth path, we continue to coach you in making the purpose-driven decisions necessary to achieve the changes—and meaning— you seek in your life.

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