Cory Welch, Executive Teaching Pastor
Purcellville Baptist Church

At Inzet, our three foundational pillars are, that everyone is created with a unique purpose, everything revolves around relationships and looking back and learning from your past allows you to move forward with a healthy perspective! With those pillars in mind, we want to start highlighting people that are part of our growing community. Please read the following story about Cory Welch.

Cory participated in our inaugural Inzet to Purpose Program for young pastors. This highly participatory Inzet to Purpose program is presented in three phases that evokes a powerful, transformative process for participants; one that helps them discover a renewed sense of purpose that resonates in their lives that focuses them to live out lives of purpose, from both personal and business perspectives! 

Cory sharing his Inzet experience

Like many Inzet clients, Cory was stuck. In fact, Cory stated that, “stuck is an understatement. It was more like dejectedly resigned to a constant state of being.” Cory had been stuck for so long that it was normal and he didn’t like it, but normal it had become. The Inzet program forced him to wiggle through the past to determine WHY he was in his current position and HOW he would make his way out. Cory stated that, “the practical application, thoughtful discovery, and raw, organic relationships were all surprising elements that took me from where I was, to where I believe God has wanted me to be: FREE. Free from that normal that had become toxic and into a new way of living that has improved relationships and my day to day joy. This is something I’ve tried to pour into others as I minister here at Purcellville Baptist Church. If you like how this all sounds, give Inzet a call and come worship with us at PBC. I’d love to meet you!

Cory and his wife, Natalie, both grew up in Tyler, TX and attended Dallas Baptist University. Cory came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior at a Vacation Bible School in Chapel Hill, TX when he was 8 years old and God began to call him into ministry when he was 14. He earned a bachelors in Business Management from DBU and went on to receive his Masters of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Cory first served at Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie, TX from October 2003-October 2006, before being called to PBC as the youth pastor in that same month. He and Natalie officially transitioned into his current role, as Executive Teaching Pastor, in February 2012. His passion for ministry is to lead people to know Jesus as both Savior and Lord and to discover the purpose for which God created them. Cory and Natalie have been married since February 2008 and have 3 children.