I have spent my entire life being somewhat of a lone wolf.  Even though I’ve always enjoyed team work and being part of a “team effort,”  I would usually find myself gravitating to the top and leading those efforts.  I always thought that was a good thing, but now, as I reflect back, I realize this was always a form of gaining CONTROL.  I never really wanted to collaborate on things, I simply wanted to get them done, quickly and efficiently.  In reality, that drive and closed mindedness did not leave much room for “team work,” collaboration or creativity (much less, excellence).  

As I participated in my own Inzet to Purpose program, I started to realize that much of what I thought were positive strengths, were actually not being used in the appropriate manner.  By looking back at my story and realizing that much of my leadership style was birthed out of negative influence, I knew I had to make some changes.  I knew I could no longer be a “lone wolf!”  I started to look at business interactions from a new and healthier perspective and realized that in order to have the most impact, I would need to find someone to compliment my weaknesses.  A partner!  

Inzet Partners, John Mizerak and Jan Zachariasse

That is when Jan and I started talking about the Inzet programs and how we could collaborate by using our individual strengths to help coach and consult people, while focusing on purpose.  Working with a partner is a lot more relationally complicated than being a lone wolf, but at the same time, the outcome is a lot more effective.  We’re not called to “do life” alone, but instead in community.  This is one of our main foundational pillars at Inzet.  

At Inzet, we work with leaders to first analyze themselves, their ultimate purpose and their effectiveness in leading their team.  Once the purpose is found, or re-birthed, we can then also work with the team to create synergy that will evoke authentic growth!  This is NOT an easy process, because “change” is involved and nobody really likes change, but the results are amazing.  Let the Inzet team help you through a transition that will allow you to use your purpose as a catalyst for lasting change that will impact the world you influence!