Brody shares about his experience with Inzet to Purpose

Brody was not sure he wanted to commit the time needed for the Inzet to Purpose program when he started. He thought that he had his life together and didn’t need it. However, as Brody explained, “there was something about the depth and authenticity that John and Jan showed that made me come back the next session. As I started sharing with this group of men, I started to feel the freedom to be open and honest. I started to really dig into my false persona and see the ways that I had tried to convince myself I was doing fine in order to keep peace in my world. The last session was my favorite, we all shared a creative project about what we had learned. Since completing Inzet to Purpose I no longer feel the constant need to make everyone happy and have experienced a joy I did not know was possible. If you feel like you do not need something like Inzet to Purpose I highly encourage you to still get in a group and see a transformation you never knew could take place!”

Currently, Brody works as a Loan Officer at Atlantic Coast Mortgage, and brings the same joy that he learned from Inzet into his business life. Atlantic Coast Mortgage is a local lender, which means two things. First, they have a deep love for the community and secondly, they keep all processes in house to ensure a home buying process that is as smooth and stress free as possible. Brody adds, “treating people with the value that they inherently have has made being a Loan Officer much deeper than simply providing loans.”

Brody Barrett

Brody is homegrown right in Loudoun County, were he also met his wife, Amber, as they’ve been married for 5 years, living in Round Hill. Brody and Amber recently had an addition to their family as they welcomed a baby boy named Redding.