Pastor Steve Dawson is a marketplace chaplain that runs an organization called Keystone Ministries. In fact, it was at one of Ps Steve’s Christian Businessman’s Forums that Jan and John met over 10 years ago.

What is a marketplace chaplain?

Keystone Ministries provides personalized and proactive care for corporate teams. This “care” is customized for each organization and is voluntary for the team and neutral from company operations. Ps Steve also provides leadership training as one of his offerings!

We asked Ps Steve to share a Thanksgiving message to the Inzet Community, because we want to remind everyone to have a “Thanksgiving” perspective this week…Be thankful for your family, your friends and your teams. It’s probable that most people think of family at this time of the year, but do you think of your team? The Inzet to Purpose programs allow leaders to not only focus on their personal purpose, but how they apply that purpose to all quadrants of their life, including personal growth, family health, community involvement AND corporate life.

One of Inzet’s foundational pillars is that “everything revolves around healthy relationships!” With that pillar in mind, and especially during the Thanksgiving season, we want to see people live out their purpose, while having balance in life, evoking healthy relationships!

Thank you for being part of our family!