Jan Zachariasse interviews Will Samson

Jan Zachariasse, President and CEO of Inzet, interviews a current Inzet to Purpose Group Program graduate, Will Samson, about what he has learned from the program and how that knowledge has given him the inspiration to “pay if forward!”

Will stated that “Inzet to Purpose has given me a new way of thinking. In fact, it’s given me a new operating system!”

Will has more than 30 years of experience in the corporate, academic and political spheres to guiding clients through significant changes and cultural realignments. His work as an organizational change professional has been strengthened by an academic background that includes an MS in information systems from George Washington University and a PhD in sociology from The University of Kentucky. This unique blend of management and people knowledge allows Will to successfully guide clients through major organizational change initiatives. After experiencing the Inzet to Purpose Program for himself, Will felt compelled to bring his experience to the Inzet Team Growth program to help future business clients build purpose-driven strategies and thrive.

Will Samson explains Inzet Team Growth Programs.