Will Samson, PhD
Lead Associate – Team Growth

The Inzet Team welcomes a new team member, Will Samson! Will recently participated in our Fall Semester of the Inzet to Purpose Group Program. Will was so impressed with the program and what he learned, that he wanted to pay that experience forward by bringing his expertise to the Inzet Team. Jan and John are excited to announce that Will will be heading up the “Team Growth” program in 2020 as the Lead Associate bringing the Inzet model to large organizations that want to grow around PURPOSE.

Will employs more than 30 years of experience in the corporate, academic and political spheres to guide clients through significant changes and cultural realignments. His work as an organizational change professional is strengthened by an academic background that includes an MS in information systems from George Washington University and a PhD in sociology from The University of Kentucky. This unique blend of management and people knowledge has allowed him to successfully guide clients through large corporate mergers and major organizational change initiatives. Will brings his experience to the Inzet Team Growth program to help clients build purpose-driven strategies and thrive.

We’d love to help you with your team growth needs, whether that’s around strategic visioning and planning; leadership development and succession planning; team building and creating a collaborative culture; culture development; organizational efficiency; and change management. The Inzet Team Growth process is a solid platform to help you align and move forward.