INZET to Purpose

Team Growth

A three-phase program will assess where your organization is and how it got there, enable you to build a purpose-driven vision for growth, and help you integrate purpose-driven decisions for realizing that vision as quickly as possible.

INZET focuses on how you can achieve team growth in your organization

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“Through INZET to Purpose: Team Growth, I came to understand what had been holding my business back. By applying what I learned, I am moving my company—and myself—in a much more meaningful direction.”

Dave Paul

Who this program is for

  • Business owners, solo entrepreneurs, chief executive officers, division managers, sales managers, team leaders and teams within the organization.
  • Versions of INZET to Purpose: Team Growth are available for businesses of all sizes as well as nonprofits and church leadership.

What the program can help you with

  • Strategic Visioning and Planning
  • Leadership Development/Succession Planning
  • Team-Building/Collaboration
  • Culture Development
  • Organizational Efficiency
  • Change Management

How long the program takes

We can scale the INZET three-phase program to handle as large or small a project as you need. Depending on the scope, the program can take as little as three weeks. Even on the shortest engagement, INZET programs deliver lasting rewards.

How the program works

Your INZET team will adapt the program’s three phases — assess, build, integrate — for where you are, where you want to be (your purpose), and the purpose-driven decisions it will take to achieve the desired business results.

Your INZET to Team Growth program is guided by business experts who COACH, COUNSEL and CONSULT with you during each of these three steps:

What’s holding back growth?


Your INZET team assesses where you are: we work with you through a disciplined examination of what’s been successful and what’s been holding back growth. We provide counsel on habits, beliefs and behaviors that may be limiting growth.

What’s your why?


Building on what’s learned in the assessment phase, we arrive at your decision point:  What is your true purpose and what direction will you take? We help you look up from where you are and define the “why” that animates you and your business. This becomes your own inzet — the passionate heart-and-mind purpose you can harness to focus decisions on what matters most.

What’s your path forward?


Harnessing the inzet of total commitment, we help you use your purpose to take your business in a new direction. We collaborate with you, helping integrate specific goals and milestones into a plan. We stay with you as you execute your plan, offering coaching and business consulting to help you focus on the purpose-driven decisions necessary to achieve the results you seek.

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